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I relaunched my 2011 election website as it provides some personal background information and speaks to many years in Whistler before I entered the world of civic politics.

This update will provide a brief overview of the last three years. Before I begin, I would like to thank everyone who voted for me, the other Councillors, the Mayor, the CAO, and the RMOW senior managers and their staff.  This term as a Whistler Councillor has been a very rewarding and memorable experience. I don’t think any of us who were elected ever thought it would be one of the most enriching experiences of our professional careers.
A great deal was achieved in this term and the approval rating for local government has risen sharply. The positive results made the many hours preparing for Council and committee meetings that much easier to handle. Here is a small caption of my term.
Advisory Design Panel, (ADP) The panel members reviewed and commented on numerous applications including the Rainbow commercial/residential and gas station project, the Carleton Lodge building envelope restoration and ground level enhancement project. Two projects in the creekside area including the commercial retail until on the old Petro Canada site and across the highway where the old “chicken coops” townhouses are finally being replaced. Numerous new housing projects are under development in Checkamus Crossing, including, The Podium, a 3 storey rental accommodation. Also The Audain Art Museum was the largest and most exciting project through the ADP during my three years on the panel.
Liquor Licensing Advisory Committee (LLAC). During my thirty plus year career in the food and beverage industry it was always a challenge dealing with British Columbia’s very restrictive Liquor Laws. It seemed there was more progressive changes put in place in the last three years than the previous thirty years. First came the changes to allow for less restrictive festival and event licensing, which was first tested in Whistler. Followed by the 73 recommendations calling for a comprehensive updating of our provincial liquor laws. These changes, which the majority are now in place, will allow our licensed establishments to serve our national and international in a manner they are more accustomed to.
Human Resources Committee, In the early stages of this term there was a lot discussion regarding the “organization structure”. Recommendations and feedback was given to the CAO by the committee members. During the term the committee also updated the employee handbook. The purpose of the handbook is to set down the terms and conditions of employment between the Municipality and it’s employees.
Other committees included…

The Whistler Housing Authority (WHA)

Restaurant Association of Whistler (RAW)

The Pub Association of Whistler

Whistler Animals Galore (WAG)

Whistler 3.0

Whistler Business Enhancement Committee
Professional responsibilities outside of my Councillor duties….

President, Skidine Enterprises Ltd.

President of Le Chamois Strata Council

Commercial Executive member of the Town Plaza Strata

Whistler Business Excellence Awards Committee

Treasurer, The Old Stouts, Oldtimers hockey team